Packed public meeting to save Llanishen police station

Local residents packed out a public meeting to save Llanishen Police Station last night.

Chaired by Conservative Councillor for Llanishen, Richard Foley, and attended by other local Conservative campaigners and Inspector Crawley, residents expressed their concerns about South Wales Police Authority’s proposal to close the station.

Proposals to close the Llanishen station were first mooted in Police Authority papers leaked last week.

Speaking after the meeting, organised by Llanishen & Thornhill Conservatives, Cllr Richard Foley, said, “The high turnout at this meeting demonstrates the strength of feeling in the local community and how determined we are to protect our local police presence.

“Concerns were expressed at the meeting that this station appears to be an under-used resource, but remains the only major fixed police presence in the entire Cardiff North constituency.

“We will continue to campaign with local residents, other political parties and the police to step up this concerted campaign to preserve the importance of local knowledge in policing.

“As local Conservative Councillors, we work closely with the police officers and PCSOs and are proud of their efforts which have driven down crime levels in Llanishen and Thornhill in recent months.

“I would urge all local residents to sign our petition to save Llanishen Police Station by visiting”


One Response to Packed public meeting to save Llanishen police station

  1. Nigel Price says:

    The article in ‘Cardiff Voice’ states that “The Police Authority feels that low footfall is instead a reason to sell the station”. This is a little disingenuous. Any business or service whose main reception area is closed for a large part of the day is bound to have a low footfall. A better picture of how much the station is needed can be obtained by getting the number of 101 and 999 calls made by the area covered by that station. Pay particular attention to how some of the crimes are recorded too. For example: where windows and doors of houses and sheds are recorded as ‘criminal damage’. Make no mistake, these were unsuccessful burglaries.
    Chris O’Brien is correct, a regular police presence and a quick response time is the reason crime is down in the area. Adding at least 20 mins travelling to a police response will soon reverse the downward trend of crime in the Llanishen area.

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